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Is your driveway turning black? Is your HOA sending you letters about your driveway?



We are the experts in Driveway Washing in the Houston and Surrounding Areas. When it comes to driveway washing it is a 3 Stage Process. The first process is applying our specialty blended soap that kills the black mold and eliminates the growth of it. The second step is to surface clean the concrete with a device known as a surface cleaner or surface spinner. The third step is to rinse down the surface and the curb of all the dirt and grime that was removed from the surface cleaning process.

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The process is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Applying the Mold Killer Soap

Step 2

Surface Cleaning the Concrete

Step 3

Rinsing the Concrete to Remove the Dirty Water

We believe in Perfection when it comes to cleaning dirty concrete.

We also use hot water in some cases where the concrete may have oil or other substances that need to be drawn out from the surface of the concrete. If you only use water without the usage of our special chemicals, the concrete will not come as clean and the mold will come back very quickly. So with our company you get a much better cleaning and a cleaning that will last.

We specialize in cleaning of all types of concrete and every size imaginable. We clean concrete for industrial sites, residential properties, and commercial properties as well. Houston Driveway Washing is the experts when it comes to cleaning flat surfaces in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Why are we the best? We have been cleaning concrete for more than 10 years, Our expert technicians have over 50 years of experience combined, and our equipment and professional fleet of wrapped trucks is unmatched by any competitor. We offer a warranty and more importantly we always answer the phone 24 hours a day and 7 days per week!

Houston Driveway Washing is your first choice for concrete driveway cleaning!

Contact us today for your driveway washing needs!

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(832) 664-7716